Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the education sector with its transformative impact. AI-powered tools and platforms enhance learning experiences by personalising content, adapting to individual needs, and providing real-time feedback. Chatbots and virtual tutors offer 24/7 assistance, reducing the burden on educators.

AI in education will change the way humans of all ages learn. AI’s use of machine learning, natural language processing and facial recognition help digitize textbooks, detect plagiarism and gauge the emotions of students to help determine who’s struggling or bored. Both presently and in the future, AI tailors the experience of learning to student’s individual needs
Numerous schools are embracing an AI-centric approach, leveraging technology for enhanced learning. AI-driven classrooms employ interactive tools, adaptive curriculum, and automated assessments, creating dynamic and efficient educational environments. This shift towards AI integration is reshaping traditional education and preparing students for a tech-driven future
While AI dazzles as a technological wizard, it’s important to acknowledge it’s not-so-magical side. Like any powerful tool, AI has its cons. It can sometimes perpetuate biases embedded in data, leading to unfair decisions. Privacy concerns arise as AI collects and analyses vast amounts of personal data. Plus, there’s the fear of job displacement as AI automates tasks.
Even UNESCO’s guidance underscores the importance of a holistic approach to regulating Generative AI (GenAI) in education. It emphasises the need for legal frameworks, data protection, and privacy regulations to address the challenges posed by GenAI applications. Furthermore, it calls for specific regulations to ensure the ethical use of AI in education, protecting against biases and discrimination.
PK Samal, Managing Director of K12 Online School said, “I recognise the growing importance of AI in K-12 education. AI offers tremendous potential to enhance learning experiences, tailoring education to individual student needs. I believe that a balanced approach, leveraging AI while preserving the invaluable teacher-student relationship, is the key to delivering a modern, effective, and inclusive education.”
Pratik Jindal, Chairman of Jindal Public School said, “I believe that the key to maximising the benefits of AI in education while mitigating its challenges lies in responsible and ethical implementation. We are committed to ensuring that AI is used as a supportive tool to enhance.”
Vaibhav Shastri, Director of American EduGlobal School, said “We believe that AI has the potential to play a transformative role in enhancing the education system. AI’s ability to personalise learning experiences is particularly exciting. By leveraging AI algorithms, we can better understand the unique strengths and areas for improvement of each student.”

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