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Our company offers comprehensive operational and after-sales support to ensure our customers have a seamless experience. Operational support includes assistance with product setup, training, and ongoing technical assistance. After-sales support involves addressing any issues, providing maintenance, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the product’s lifecycle. We are dedicated to serving our customers at every stage to guarantee their success with our products and services.


We suggest opening a school for class VIII in the first year. After the affiliation process, we extend to class X the next year.

The sports field can be ready in up to 3-4 months so it should be open as soon as possible

Yes we do help in the process

Yes we do get the process done with your support at the local level

By the 4th Year of operations, the break-even point comes 

AES Consortia can boast of being a ‘one of a kind ‘ franchise offering businesses that have the most seamless procedure of onboarding a partner and hand-holding them throughout the journey. We offer a legacy that can be passed down to generations.


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