K12 Schools

K12 Schools

Studies reveal that in the future, online education will emerge to be an integral part of the education industry. Online education and distance learning has evolved technologically in recent years to be accessible beyond the boundaries. However, there was an urgent need for an internationally accepted, accredited and acclaimed curriculum designed specifically for online mode of education. 

Educated, tech-savvy and modern parents who wanted to decide on home-schooling or online education for their children were struggling to find the right resources. K12 Schools is the world’s most innovative online learning school catering to the needs of such parents.

The innovative and progressive education at K12 Schools is the launchpad to our student’s brilliant future and career. Don’t let the shackles and limitations of traditional education hold your child back from attaining their maximum potential and achieving academic excellence. Our all-inclusive curriculum that incorporates learning-conducive curricula and extracurricular activities ensures your child’s overall personality development. K12 schools bring together an international curriculum delivered on an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of extracurricular activities including counselling, yoga, music, art, dance, story-telling, coding, cultural exchanges, personality-development classes & moral studies.

K12 Schools offer best quality education, regardless of the situation and location. Our teachers and students come from around the world. K12 Schools now have students of all ages in over 120 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on the high level of support and encouragement we offer to each of our students. We are one of online schools that are Cambridge-approved, IGCSE and A-level courses. As well as providing structured courses for our students, we give them plenty of opportunities to connect via activities in our student communities. K12 schools bring new learning options and opportunities to students who have diverse learning styles.


We are committed to making a world-class education affordable & quality delivered with the best of support at every level.
  • Robust Indian Curriculum of CBSE and NIOS
  • International American and Brtish Curriculum
  • Interactive Teaching Methodology Developed through student behaviorial Research
  • Adaptive with India’s NEP 2020 Automatically compiles student progress
  • Auto counsel for student strength area of growth