Distinctive Deliverables

Distinctive Deliverables


American Eduglobal School is truly an international school, where the focus will be to integrate the faculty, students, and the wider school community in our shared vision, commitment, and energy to ensure the educational success of every child. The design of the Academics at AES is absolutely in tandem with contemporary research and futuristic trends to impart an education that stays relevant and meaningful for students once they step out into the real world.



American Eduglobal School has huge Campuses and cutting-edge sporting facilities. We are established to integrate sports and education to encourage young sports enthusiasts and support professional athletes.

We have access to a curriculum that is adaptable and creates an academic schedule around their sporting commitments. From junior grade to 12th grade, we support and assist students in finding a balance between their pursuit of sporting excellence and academic success.


Technological innovations are having a large impact on educational systems at all levels. Education
innovation can lead to better overall outcomes in our classroom. Students in innovative classrooms
develop more vital communication skills and increase their peer engagement capacity. In
education, innovation encourages students and teachers to research, explore, and use all available
resources to discover something new. Innovation entails a new way of approaching and solving
problems. It also improves education by compelling students to think at a higher level in order to
solve complex problems.

Technology and innovation
Life skills


American Eduglobal Students framework scaffolds the broad-based curriculum at a local and global
level to demonstrate skills and competencies that can be fostered to make learning outcomes
attainable and scalable and, our highly qualified, nationally recognized educators adhere to their pledge of dedication to excellence and student well being


A strong program in visual and media art gives students many opportunities to explore their talents.
The Theatre and drama program fosters the ability to appreciate the nuances of literature and human emotions through presentations and performances at school and inter-school levels. Our consortium school students collaborate for school productions based on classics from different cultures.

Immersion program


We are associated with Round Square and Model United Nations. Round Square is an international network of schools. Round Square schools encourage students to take part in a range of community service activities both locally and internationally. 

Model United Nations, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about international relations and the United Nations. MUN teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Saddle River Day
Saddle River Day
Saddle River Day