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American Eduglobal School provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We believe life’s greatest achievement is to realize one’s best possible self. Our student’s potential is nourished by a superior curriculum with the most extensive program. AES Students define their measure of success through an abundance of extraordinary opportunities.

Our beautiful, award-winning campuses are home to a vibrant, global community of contributors who celebrate all beliefs and cultures. And, our highly qualified, nationally recognized educators adhere to their pledge of dedication to excellence and student-life balance.

At AES we understand that our students are blessed with learning abilities and that it is our responsibility as educators to identify and support each student in capitalizing on their strengths. Instead of merely providing support within a traditional classroom setting, we design curriculums around each student’s particular strengths and needs.

Through our core values we create a culture of respect, compassion and integrity where students feel safe to struggle, seek new challenges and become confident learners:

  • Independent thinkers, who explore with curiosity and confidence.
  • Create an environment where students feel safe to struggle, seek new challenges and be confident learners.
  • Cultivate a culture of respect, compassion, and integrity.

The partnership between Saddle River and American EduGlobal paves the way for the pedagogical exchange of 21st-century programs in Innovation and design, sports programs and professional development of faculty members including student support services.


This partnership brings the American Educational System home while retaining the core Indian values. An education system designed in accordance with the latest OCED guidelines and in tandem with the NEP 2020 goals.


Our pedagogical exchange programs empower and strengthen our education system by making it inclusive and expansive. Here, the children learn across subjects and beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom.


The most significant component of our schools is the Student Exchange Program which enables our students to complete their education in our partner schools if they so desire.


American Eduglobal Schools constantly strives to develop a learning environment for students that is contemporary as well as progressive. The current education system produces individuals neither ready nor competent enough to meet the ever-changing requirements of the times. We adopt the latest teaching and learning systems proposed by acclaimed organisations such as OECD-Future of Education and Skills 2030 and the World Economic Forum to create well-rounded and future-ready individuals. Core competencies such as knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required for the future are identified, and systems are designed to develop and shape these competencies. Our students are empowered with skills that are in demand and are prepared to take on the challenges of the real world.

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